Saturday, May 04, 2013

Trash Bird, becoming.

a quick shot of Trash Bird. Here it is as it was a few days ago. A smattering of all these leaves. And still many many more to go. Having only bits and pieces of time to work on this makes the going very slow. I do believe that hand embroidery of the satin stitch is by far the slowest stitch to do. All that floss so closely laid together stitch by stitch. It is a very meditative passing of time. Often I listen to an audio book or music. Today I just listened to the songs of birds in the trees. Fitting don't you think? Working so close into a piece for such a long time I lose the whole of it. When I took off the hoop and laid it out it was like seeing an old friend again. There it was, the idea in my head coming "real" right in front of me!


Dolores said...

Did you applique the birds on with the same stitch? I'd love to see the 'whole.'

jinxxxygirl said...

Loving all the details !
Hugs! deb

Penny said...

Beautiful! I too tend to listen to audio books when I'm working on repetitive work - but listening to the birds is so meditative and beautiful. Lovely work!