Sunday, January 06, 2013

The big piece

 Trash Bird study is set aside. Time to move on to the large piece. Three birds have been cut and stitched to the background fabric along with a scattering of leaves. I have no real plan for the stitching within the birds, I will stitch away with a bit of intuitive stitching. The study has helped with ideas to use. And truthfully, if I spend too much time planning it all out I will lose the desire to stitch it.

Here it is today. This bird shape is a bit more exaggerated then the study bird shape. The batik fabric has wonderful circles within it and I have defined the shapes with cotton floss. More to come. Lots more!
   I have not abandoned the Hearts and have been stitching bindings on them for the next step. I find bindings and hanging sleeves to be the drudgery work that I really put off. Having the Trash Bird ( it really needs a better title ) to switch to after a bit of binding work makes it bearable!
     It feels good to be working on a new piece at the start of a new year.


Asante Riverwind said...

pretty colors, you're right - the bird does need a name that flies beyond "trash" - is there a story how it began as trash bird that hints of its metamorphic artistic transformation?

Karen Christensen said...

Trash bird started when I saw a piece of trash by the roadside as I was driving. At first glance I thought it was a bird but no, just a shape that caught my eye. I would have stopped to take a photo ( as well as dispose of it properly ) but traffic was heavy and no place to pull over. When I could I sketched out the idea and it has been evolving since. Hence the name Trash Bird.

Penny said...

There's an old saying "trash to treasure" - perhaps your bird could rightfully be called Treasure bird now!! Its beautiful and I love your stitching.