Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Museum trip

Took a drive up to Racine Art Museum in Racine, Wisconsin.
I spent my teen years in Racine and the town has changed much in the forty or so years since then. Yet somehow I managed to find my way downtown to the museum on Main and 5th where the museum is located.

 Parking on the street was easy and only a few steps from the entrance. The museum is small enough to go through all the exhibits in a short time, even allowing for extended and repeated looks at various works. There were no other visitors when we arrived so it felt like a private showing! The main reason I wanted to go was so that I could see Jan Hopkins piece titled "Law of Identity" a three dimensional work using melon rinds, hydrangea leaves, silver dollar pods and yellow cedar bark. You can not imagine how amazing the work is! Beautiful !
  Also show cased was a large collection of work by Rosita Johanson. Small framed stitchings of amazing detail and wonderful stories. Awe inspiring trip and well worth the drive up there!

And across the street here is Monument Square. Many a summer day was spent hanging out there. Back in the early 70's if you drove through downtown you would have seen a large group of very colorful hippies sitting on the steps of the monument, leaning on the cannons or lounging in the grass by the cool fountain pools now long gone. It seems like lifetimes ago and yet only yesterday.
Like many small cities along Lake Michigan shores it has seen hard times as factories and shops closed their doors and shuttered windows. Much of the downtown is now vacant storefronts.
Only bits and pieces remain of earlier days slowly fading, decomposing reminders of what was once there. Back then I would have loved to have had this museum to wander through.  We did have the small Charles A Wustum Museum though, and some of my earliest attempts at fiber art were shown there in the student works. I wonder what ever became of them? I wonder what I would think of that work now?

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Penny said...

Sort of a travel back in time. Its sad to see a town so empty. We've had that here, however it hasn't been quite that bad - we still have to search for parking places when we go 'downtown'. Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to retrieve your early stitcheries!