Tuesday, January 01, 2013

dancing out of 2012 and skipping into 2013

Good Bye 2012!
     Some part of me is happy to see this year end. Not that it was a bad year for me. No. It was a mostly ordinary year.
     Why is it that we seem to put special emphasis on the New Year?  At any point I could have said "Time for a NEW START" .  At any point. BUT. Like most of us I waited until the first day of a new year to say that.
     Ha. Who am I kidding? I started anew plenty of times last year. Start and stop. Restart, redo, renew.  This year who knows what I will get into. I do know that right now my studio ( read, basement corner space ) is a MESS! I have been playing with the hearts piece. Working out the ideas I started with and melding them into the ideas that it has turned into so far. That of course, translates into a very messy studio space. I love it! Messy means I have been creating something.
     I have a PILE of wonderful sketch books and tablets thanks to generous Santa Clauses! There are ideas tentatively sketched onto those pristine pages.
     So resolutions be damned. This year I am hoping for Revolutions!!

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Penny said...

Go for it!!! This drawing is absolutely lovely -- a great way to start your Revolution. I'll be waiting on the sidelines to see what your creativity brings.