Friday, April 18, 2014

Eco experiment number one

                       What is that!?

That, is an eco bundle. A square of cotton cloth drenched in vinegar and bundled up with rose petals leaves and twigs all tied up with a big rusty bolt thingy.

Then it was left to sit for a week in a pile of decomposing leaf matter.

After a week of hot, cold, wet and snow it was simmered in water for a bit and unwrapped.

The end result is this interesting cloth. Bits of blue and rusty orange. I was sure it would be a barely there bunch of pale rusty oranges. But no, even after a good rinse it still has deep blue and dark orange colors! I was hoping for more of a defined petal shape and the leaves seem to have had no effect but all in all for a first go round I am pretty happy!

It is something I want to continue to experiment with. To learn to get some control over the end results. I want to do this without using harsh chemicals but I am not at all sure that can be done with just vinegar and rusty metals.  All the reading up on this has included some kind of alum or other chemical substance. The worse thing that can happen will be I end up with a cloth of well, not much on it! Spring is nearly almost thisclose to being here and with it I will do a bit of foraging for cast offs from Mama Nature to experiment with.

Friday, March 28, 2014

One thing leads to another

I ran out of muslin!
 I know! 
How did that happen? I use muslin for most of the painted cloth I use. I needed another yard for the back of one of the crows I am working on and lo and behold, I was out of it! So,needing something to stitch (and NOT wanting to start another work that will flounder unfinished ) I came across some small works ( buried under stuff while looking for said muslin ) that were nearly finished,

The ladies are about 6 or 7 inches not quite square and the heart is postcard sized. Finishing these took no time at all. That was good!

I also came across this little gem that I made to send off to Jude for her magic feathers cloth. I did this one and then decided that the painted background fabric wouldn't be the best choice for her cloth so I made a similar one on linen and sent that to her. And so this one was left alone and unfinished in the pile of 'I will get to these someday' So I ran out and bought the muslin, it is in the wash as I write, stitching on the crow will begin soon. And Trash Bird is still getting a leaf or two here and there!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

In which we await springs arrival.

Spring is here. Somewhere.

There it is, under the ice on the pond.

Where the geese balance in wait for the warming sun.

 The little ponds winding trail undergoes a makeover in preparation for springs blooms.

Chirping chipmunks peek in and out of fallen trees.
Maybe hoping for signs of spring.

I am stitching on the second crow. Much like the first crow. Progress as we move away from winters grip.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Woes and so it goes.

After finishing the previous piece,Summer Dance,in record time I finally felt I could go back to doing those leaves again. I picked up the trash bird and stitched a few more leaves. After about fifteen leaves I had enough of the teal floss and the same leaf more or less over and over again. I am fairly sure I was seeing those leaves every time I closed my eyes.
 So it is set aside again. I intend to work on it every few days or so. It is nearly finished after all!
 Meanwhile I have started another one. One with crows. I have painted three crows onto fabric.Each one about 14 inches squareish. One of the three crows went badly. Yes, it happens. The paint I had was old and gloppy (technical word). I tried to make it work. I made it wetter so it would spread nicer. However it wasn't nicer, just further. Further as in past the lines. I tried to fix it but that just made it a bit worse.
 This is one of the crows painted without the gloppy paint. A testament to using proper supplies, always.

While I have an idea as to what this will all be once finished, I am much less clear on the way to that finish.
So since I have a crow that is a bit off, and may not be used in the final piece, I am stitching on it to find the path I need/want to follow.
 Will it make it to the final piece?
 Has my original idea totally changed?
Maybe. Unknown just yet. Stay tuned...

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Waiting for the summer sun

Finished this one in such a short time I truly amazed myself! I call it Summer Dance. This has been the coldest snowiest winter I can remember. So I stitched up a bunch of summer suns to get through it.
These are not your perfect round suns with perfectly placed spikes and spirals. These suns are untamed and a little wild.
They bump and skitter here then there. Surrounded by a windy blue sky.
A sky with smatterings of cloud bits.
And maybe a threat of coming storms.

This is what I needed to make while I set aside the Trash Bird. Something quick and fun. Something to warm up this never ending winter!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

For the love of the moon

 round and full.
 I am drawn to the sphere of a full moon. It shows up often in my photos.

 From behind the lacy silhouette of night time trees.

Or stark and alone in a blue black sky.

   Then again behind the wing of a butterfly.

    Or sweetly married to the sun.

     sometimes long and silver.

     Now dancing with the stars.

    Even partnered with a dancing maiden.

   Sometimes shy and pale in the daytime sky.

   Or bold and bright once in a blue moon.

   I find its shape here and there.
    Circles, round and graceful