Sunday, March 15, 2015

from start to??

This is a drawing from my sketchbook from some years ago.

I transferred it onto a large piece of fabric with the intent of putting needle to it. I wanted to add just a bit of color, keeping the sketch feel to it by not overdoing it. Then she sat dormant for years. I felt I had bit off more then I could chew. 

While digging through a bin of fabric for something else I came across her again. Wrinkled and forgotten. I pulled her out of that dank place and decided to just go for it! After all what would be worse, never trying? Afraid I would ruin it,or fail miserably? But I would learn from her even if I failed in my vision of what she should become! I would not shrink from a challenge. So she was ironed and trimmed and sandwiched with batting and backing.
  I did a bit of tinting to one of the grass fronds and the droplet. I drew the strands of hair with two different colors of inks. These will be embroidered with a variety of colors.

While I still have a long way to go and some clear obstacles  to face, I like her. I am glad I decided to be brave with my needle and floss! 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

my other art pastime.

Since I am working on the background stitching of bug two and since it is really uninteresting for showing in a blog post. I decided to put together a smattering of some of my favorite photographs taken over the last few years or so. I have posted most of these at one time or another but it feels like time for a post of photos. The other art I spend time on. So in no particular order here they are. 

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Heartfelt February

February is for hearts.

This heart is a breast pocket for Melanie Testa and her breast pocket project.

 This heart has been broken and pieced together with love and beauty. Stronger for it now.

A heart can be fragile. This one has bubble wrap for its center keeping it safe.
Some hearts are full of beauty and growth.
A heart can have holes and still be strong and whole.
A Valentines day embroidered post card for my husband on our anniversary. He gets a new one each year.

Though it is cold and snowy here our hearts are full and warm.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Stash Musings

Annika Salunda has written a blog post about using up fabric stashes after she read a post from Melanie Testa. That got me to thinking about my own fabric stashes. Truthfully I have a very small stash of fabric. It fits into one big plastic bin. That is of course NOT counting the stash of reusable fabrics up cycled from old clothing. That would amount to about another bin full. AND thats not counting the batting and the bolt of muslin. Not a full bin of those. Also that isn't counting the threads.floss.beads. etc. Woah. I do have more then I thought!!

   So I spent a few days in what passes for my studio space (a corner of the basement) making quite a mess.I sifted through old sketchbooks and notes. I pulled out this and that and things to get finished,things I want to start on. I fingered the beautiful threads, longing to pass them through the eye of a needle. I shook viles of beads and stashes of buttons. Shifted around pens,pencils and brushes. Inks and paints too. All the tools of my obsession, the needles,scissors,rulers,etc. whew!

    I have decided I have FADD. Fabric Attention Deficite Disorder. Judging by the amount of unfinished pieces I came across. Some of them just never panned out in the way I was hoping for. Some I became bored with and some I just needed a break from. There were the ones to be cut up and used in a different piece or a different way. And then there are the ones that I still like and who knows why they found their way to the UFO pile.

    I know, I know, my work is by its nature slow going. That is both what I love and hate about it. I like the feel of working it with needle and thread. My hands intimate with the cloth. That tantalizing texture. I like that each piece becomes such a part of me as it evolves. I don't like that sometimes it takes so long to get from start to finish that I find myself tired of the work and just want it done. That is when they hit the 'see ya later baby' pile. And apparently later can be a very looonnnggg time coming.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

blue moon evening

you walked along the well marked path at dusk. the woman sitting quietly on the bench facing the pond, the moon rising low reflected in the still water. you thought she was watching it rise. closer you see the cane folded and held loosely in her hand with its red and white markings.
  hello. you say sitting on the bench beside her but not too close.
 she smiles and the lines around her eyes deepen beautifully. hello. she says back. what do you see? she asks.
the moon. you say. what do you see? you ask. everything. she says.

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

And then this happened!

Being able to spend time catching up and so many things has been the best part of retirement.  A long while ago I had the opportunity to send off two of my unfinished quilts (UFO)to Quilting Arts TV for their Save my UFO segment. Somehow I was under the impression that it was never used. So imagine my surprise while watching the reruns and seeing MY quilt!! Oh yeah I was surprised! My little bug art quilt was right there on my television. AND, the host, Pokey Bolton was saying such nice things about it. I have long since finished it and tucked it away with its companion piece that was still as unfinished as it was on the show. Ha, thats me working in a series! So I dug out both quilts and set about finishing the second bug.

here is Bug#1 finished though I neglected to photograph it showing the binding. I will try to remedy that at some point.
Bug#2 in the unfinished early stages.

Bug #2 at the start of embroidery work.
How it looks today. Colors may be a bit off, that yellow is really pale in real life.

Even though I had intended to do a series of bugs and butterflies, and may yet do so, I see that the vine and flower embroidery is a different kind of series. 
Funny how things happen in a round about way sometimes!